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Haiyi group scientific prevention and control, promote the orderly operation of enterprise production

August 01, 2020

Full of energy, scientific arrangements, chengcheng chengcheng, difficulties. At the same time of epidemic prevention, an economic battle with the enterprise to resume work and launched. According to the arrangement of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, xiamen haiyi group co., LTD., under the guidance of the municipal state-owned assets supervision and administration commission (sasac), managed to prevent and control the epidemic with one hand and resume production with the other, so as to reduce the impact of the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia on the production and operation and stabilize the production and operation of the enterprise.

Return to work stable and orderly

On the morning of February 10, at the entrance of haiyi building and the gate of xiagong co., LTD., xiagong heavy industry co., ltd. and yinhua machinery factory in guankou district, employees wore masks and queued up to receive temperature test according to the requirements. The leaders of haiyi group came to the offices and production sites of each enterprise to inspect the resumption of work and conduct guidance and inspection on various epidemic prevention measures. On the first day of the resumption of work, the group and its affiliated enterprises in xiamen had 1,147 employees, including 890 who returned to work and 257 who worked remotely from home.

To effectively protect human body health, rapid response emergency, sea wing group made the return epidemic prevention guide, push on his mobile phone to every employee, every member enterprise reserve a certain amount of forehead temperature guns, 84 disinfectant, alcohol and masks and epidemic prevention materials, such as a total set up 27 checkpoints and temperature 21 independent isolation room, organization for each production, office space and elevators, the dining room and other public areas has carried on the thorough disinfection.

In order to reduce the risk of virus infection caused by personnel gathering, the group shall be guided by property management personnel at the elevator entrance, and the number of passengers per elevator shall not exceed 8; Allow some employees to telecommute from home without affecting work, minimize meetings and advocate video conferencing; At the same time to adjust the canteen way of food supply, the main way to take food distribution to the staff station. From the situation of the first week of resumption of work, the group's resumption of production and work overall stable and orderly.

shoulder responsibility

Every morning at 8 am, Chen zengbin, an engineer from xiagong heavy industry's production department, arrives at the zhongkebestar company in jimei, where he begins his 11-hour operation. This is his. The new job & throughout; Since February 5, he has been stationed here to ensure the equipment operation of the mask manufacturers.

In the face of the sudden outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, the mask has become the epidemic prevention and control of ldquo; The standard & throughout; Is the citizen personal protection “ The first line of defense . However, the contradiction between demand and insufficient capacity appears. One is difficult to find In the case. In accordance with the unified deployment of the municipal party committee, municipal government and the municipal sasac, haiyi group has undertaken the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, undertook the equipment guarantee work of eight mask manufacturers in our city, ensured the equipment to recover as soon as possible and maintained 24-hour continuous operation, and speeded up the production of more masks.

The epidemic is the command, the prevention and control is the responsibility. On the morning of February 4, party secretary and chairman of haiyi group liu donglin quickly deployed, put forward specific requirements, immediately set up the group mask production equipment special maintenance working group. The working group is led by gu tao, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of the group, and fan wenming, general manager of xiagong heavy industry co., LTD., vice leader of xiagong heavy industry co., LTD., and yinhua machinery co., LTD.

If there is war, call back! On the afternoon of February 4, the first batch of 7 competent professionals gave up their vacation and were ordered to return to xiamen from their homes to gather together. Under the leadership of liao qingde, deputy general manager of xiagong heavy industry, they immediately went to the location of relevant mask manufacturing enterprises to carry out equipment support work at the production line.

The working group is working without stop and running on the shaft, assisting relevant enterprises in the installation, rectification, commissioning, temporary maintenance, outsourcing procurement and processing of the mask production line. Up to February 16, a total of 99 maintenance personnel have been invested, 5 new production lines have been installed and adjusted, 13 original production lines have been restored, 31 production lines are currently in normal use, and 36 pieces of emergency equipment accessories have been adjusted. The largest mask manufacturer in the province — & ndash; Bow medical, support team quickly restored 5 mask production line equipment. At present, more than 30 production lines of 8 mask manufacturers are in normal operation, and sufficient stock of common spare parts ensures the maximum capacity.

pioneer rate
Testing mission in real combat

Standing in the forefront, blunt in the front line, in the battle against the epidemic, haiyi group grass-roots party organizations, the communist party members played a fighting fortress and vanguard role, in the actual combat tested the mission of the party members.

& other; Could you come back to the mansion? Stationary mask manufacturing enterprise to ensure equipment operation ” On February 4, xiagong heavy industry senior engineer zhao huiqiang received the task, is huian hometown to take care of the sick hospitalized old father, received the task, he only said one. I am a party member and obey the company arrangement. < / p > < p >, the next day from huian back to xiamen, directly to the mission site to put in the intense work.

At critical moments, party members take the lead. In order to fully protect the life and health of the company's employees, on February 9, yinhua machinery general branch of the party organized party members to carry out voluntary activities, the company's office area, workshop, around the factory, canteen, toilets, changing rooms, single dormitory before returning to work before a thorough cleaning and disinfection action. In xiamen, 34 party members (including active applicants) attended.

Basic-level party organizations build strong fighting fortresses, party members and cadres strive to be pioneers by example. Sea wing group party committee, said the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control is a war of no gunpowder smoke, but also party members and cadres of political consciousness and party spirit principle important battleground, group of party members and cadres to the outbreak of war, the steady development as the practice of beginner's mind reflect the touchstone of bear responsibility and mission, grindstone, give full play to the party member's cutting edge exemplary role.

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This article is reproduced from xiamen daily

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