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Kato: work resumed after the outbreak, the correct way to open the excavator

August 01, 2020

Affected by the outbreak, it is possible that your Excavator experienced longer parking this winter than usual. After the Excavator after a long period of rest, its various oil, lubrication protection, part of the material may have changed, if the machine is not carried out a detailed inspection before put into operation, may appear the phenomenon of bad operation. In order to reduce equipment failure and ensure the best performance of the machine after spring construction, KATO xiaodiao reminds you that Excavators should be inspected and maintained in detail before construction.

The pre-start inspection is mainly divided into two parts: pre-start inspection and operation inspection.

1, check

before starting

A: check the fuel tank, clean it if necessary, check the fuel oil level, drain and drain the fuel tank (drain the oil-water separator);

B: check the rubber hose of the fuel system for signs of aging, cracking and oil leakage. Check whether the joints are firmly connected and replace if necessary.

C: check the oil level and oil quality, add or replace IHI special oil if necessary;

D: check whether the engine foot pad is in good condition;

E: check the tension of fan belt and air conditioner belt and check whether they are aging. Adjust the tension of fan belt and air conditioner belt or replace them if necessary;

F: check the hydraulic oil level, hose and oil quality, add or replace IHI special hydraulic oil and hose if necessary;

G: check the oil level and oil quality of the return trip reducer, add or replace IHI special gear oil if necessary;

H: check whether there are cracks and water seepage in the cooling liquid level and water pipes. If necessary, add IHI special cooling liquid and replace water pipes.

I: check the working conditions of the test instruments;

J: check the tension of the track;

K: check whether the butter of rotating mechanism bearing is enough and add it if necessary;

L: check if there is enough butter for the rotary ring and add it if necessary. ;

M: add butter to each pin shaft and lubrication point, extrude the old oil from the oil channel if necessary;

N: check the tightness of the fastener bolts.

2, run check

When the ambient temperature is lower than 3℃, open the preheat switch before starting the machine to preheat the inlet air;

& have spent & have spent

(2) for turbocharged models, remove the turbocharger inlet pipe and add appropriate oil to ensure the lubrication of the turbine shaft.

(3) start the machine, after the engine idles for 5-10 minutes, operate each cylinder without load, make the hydraulic oil temperature up to 40℃, circulate all the hydraulic functions several times, then proceed with the construction;

If the machine is not used for a long time, the thin layer of oil on the sliding surface may be damaged. It is necessary to circulate the hydraulic function of walking and rotating the excavation 2 to 3 times to lubricate the sliding surface;

(5) has the freezing weather, there are dirt in the frame, before walking, first position on the frame to 90 degrees, hold up the treads, idle running laps before and after, get rid of sprocket, Roller, guide wheel around earth impurities (in the equipment of the construction of the soil, it is recommended that the operator after work every day, the chain wheel, guide wheel near the dirt cleaned up with a spade, prevent the freezing).

3, tips

In the current outbreak, work also needs to pay attention to the following personal protection tips.

Prepared epidemic prevention items: disposable masks, disposable gloves, disinfectant alcohol, hand sanitizer, etc.

Wear the above protective equipment during construction, try to reduce the concentration of personnel, communication with people to maintain a distance of more than 1 meter.

Do not smoke in the drive after alcohol disinfection, spray disinfection alcohol to stay away from the possible fire source, so as not to cause danger.

After the construction, to wash their hands, daily disinfection and ventilation of the car.

Wrong peak repast, do not repast face to face, bring cutlery or disposable cutlery as far as possible, reduce infection risk.

Start work more not impatient, combining work and rest, pay attention to exercise, keep a good habit of work and rest.

& have spent & have spent

& have spent KATO small dig wish you all start, the year of the rat prosperous!

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