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A record high! Last year, guangdong transport infrastructure invested 175 billion yuan

March 26, 2020

Guangdong cancels highway province boundary toll station work to complete how? How about the new construction of village bus? How much did guangdong spend on infrastructure investment last year? The national chunyun look at guangdong, the first chunyun in the second decade of the 21st century is ready?

The first press conference held by the information office of the guangdong government in 2020 was held on the afternoon of January 3. At the first press conference of guangdong province in 2020, relevant officials of guangdong provincial department of transportation introduced the four issues mentioned above.

Last year, guangdong invested 175 billion yuan in transportation infrastructure.

Yang junbo, a member of the party leadership group and deputy director of the guangdong provincial department of transport, said the province's transport infrastructure investment in 2019 reached 175 billion yuan, a record high and 16.7 percent higher than the province's annual plan.

In 2019, guangdong built 528 kilometers of the nansha bridge and 12 other projects on its expressway network, with an additional 493 kilometers open to traffic. Two new expressways, from longchuan to zijin, and from qingyuan to yunfu, have been completed, and a new channel has been added to the east and west of guangdong.

In addition, the general highway system was upgraded, 1,359 kilometers of national and provincial roads and roads were rebuilt, and more than 6,700 kilometers of rural roads were rebuilt. Free return is not free ” The task is to renovate 10,424 kilometers, renovate 19,900 kilometers of security, renovate 538 dangerous Bridges, and build 929 new villages for buses.

In 2019, the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area made further progress in expressway connectivity. The nansha bridge was opened to traffic on the basis of the pearl river huangpu bridge, humen bridge and hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge. Nine expressways covering more than 300 kilometers, including the huizhou section of the guan-dongguan expressway and the first phase of huan-guan expressway, have been built. The length of expressways in the greater bay area has reached 4,500 kilometers, and the density of the core area is about 8.2 kilometers per 100 square kilometers. The shenzhen-central passage has been fully constructed, the artificial islands from the east to the west have become islands, the island cofferdam and the main tower cap of the lingdingyang bridge have been completed, and the first section of the steel shell immersed pipe has been cast. The planning of lianhuashan channel, lion - Yang channel early work to speed up.

At present, there are 26 expressways out of guangdong province, and more than 4 expressways out of guangdong province are maintained from the greater bay area to guangxi, hunan, jiangxi, fujian and other four neighboring provinces (regions).

At the same time, the infrastructure construction of toll stations at provincial boundaries has been cancelled, 1998 sets of ETC gates have been put into use, 6,272 ETC lanes have been built and upgraded, 1,076 sets of entrance weighing and measuring systems have been built, and nearly 10 million sets of ETC have been added.

nansha port can park the largest cruise ship of 220,000 tons

In terms of water transportation, guangdong will complete 15 water transportation projects in 2019. One new international cruise home port — & ndash; Guangzhou nansha international cruise home port, the future can berth 220,000 tons of the world's largest cruise ship. The beijiang waterway capacity expansion and upgrading project is progressing smoothly, with five locks including the second line of the mengli hub and the second and third line of the feilaixia hub. Thousand-ton ships can go from the downstream of mengzhou dam in shaoguan to sanshui in foshan. Xijiang river has built two 3,000-ton sea-going channels from jiedou via hutiaomen to gaolan port area of zhuhai port, and from xiling channel to nansha port area of guangzhou port, to create the pearl river “ Golden waterway ” Provide strong support.

Spring Festival travel in 2020 “ Digital intelligence ”

Relevant person in charge of guangdong provincial department of transportation also introduced at the conference, this year's wisdom of the Spring Festival travel preparations.

The Spring Festival travel rush in guangdong province in 2020 will use big data command platform, 5G, unmanned aerial Vehicles and other high-tech means, passengers in the qiongzhou passenger strait can make online reservations in advance. One key across the sea ” During the Spring Festival travel rush, we will send information of extra tickets, weather and other travel information in a timely manner, and optimize the way of online car hailing and other travel.

During this year's Spring Festival travel rush, guangdong is expected to put into operation nearly 37,400 buses of various types, with more than 1.62 million passengers, including more than 28,500 senior buses with more than 1.337 million passengers. High-speed rail capacity increased, with a total of 649 pairs of provincial trains, an increase of 43 pairs year on year. Baiyun airport is expected to handle 56,200 flights, up 2.86% year on year.

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