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Over 70 percent of the investment in railway infrastructure was used for railway construction in poverty-stricken areas and old revolutionary base areas

March 26, 2020

The year 2020 has begun. It will be a decisive year in the fight against poverty. On the road to poverty alleviation, the railway has never stopped.

China railway group held its 2020 annual work conference in Beijing today (January 2) to promote poverty alleviation. Report card & throughout; In 2019, railways helped win the battle against poverty. A total of 417.58 billion yuan was invested in railway infrastructure in 14 contiguous poverty-stricken areas, old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas and border areas, accounting for 75.9 percent of the total investment in railway infrastructure. Of this, railway infrastructure investment in western China reached 158.8 billion yuan, accounting for 28.9 percent.

& other; Slow train & throughout; & other; Fast alleviation & throughout; 81 pairs of public welfare trains are operated across the country

Now, in this adhere to the Fast & throughout; Famous era, open line “ Green slow train ” , is one of the important measures of railway poverty alleviation.

These trains are mainly distributed in the remote and poor areas in the southwest, northwest and northeast, and have long been subject to the 1995 standard for universal speed passenger trains. The fares have not changed for more than 30 years.

For example, the number 5633/5634 train of chengdu-kunming railway in sichuan province is one of them. It has been in operation for nearly half a century since July 1, 1970, connecting leshan, ya 'an, liangshan yi autonomous prefecture, panzhihua and other places in sichuan province. There are no roads in remote mountainous areas, so the railway has become the only way for yi compatriots to travel along the route.

Despite the lack of air conditioning, dining cars and sleeping cars, the train is popular with yi people along the route. The ticket price is 25.5 yuan. The lowest ticket price is 2 yuan. The ticket price is free for people over 60 years old and poor families. Sit on a decades-long career. Public welfare slow train ” ", the mountain people carry the burden, carrying the small baskets of mountain goods travel, the green car is a mobile market, to the villagers brought business opportunities, but also brought real money income.

On the long railway line, in the quiet little station, in the moving carriage, there is always a feeling to warm the heart.

At present, this kind of railway runs every day across the country. Public welfare slow train ” Up to 81 pairs, they are not just for mountain people. Market car & throughout; Or do they seek medical education? Bus & throughout; .

In addition, the state railway group has also built 154 trackless stations in poor and non-railway-accessible areas, opened special trains for migrant workers in poor areas, and further improved travel conditions for people in poor areas. We will continue to implement the state policy of supporting agriculture and benefiting farmers, and do our best to ensure the supply of key materials and the demand for the export of agricultural products to poor areas.

A set of data showed that railways in poverty-stricken areas delivered 663 million tons of goods, up 11.4 percent year-on-year, and exempted 1.75 billion yuan in fees.

Lu dongfu, chairman of China railway group and secretary of the party leadership group, revealed that in 2020, more passenger trains passing through poor areas will be opened to continuously improve the public welfare. Slow train & throughout; We will improve the quality of service, strengthen the organization and operation of special tourist poverty alleviation trains, and improve the service facilities at trackless stations and other stations. We will optimize the layout of freight stations in poor areas to ensure reliable transport capacity.

12306 online anti-poverty mall provides free sales platform for poor areas

In 2019, the state railway group invested 135 million yuan in central and provincial targeted poverty alleviation areas, as recently as October 17 last year, in the sixth country in China. Poverty alleviation day & throughout; The 27th “ International day for the eradication of poverty; On the occasion of the arrival, the online operation of the railway 12306, express mall and other e-commerce platform poverty alleviation, continue to increase the intensity of consumption poverty alleviation.

Up to now, luanchuan county, designated by the state railway group, has been lifted out of poverty, and mian county, shaanxi province, yuanzhou district, guyuan city, ningxia hui autonomous region, and hetian county, xinjiang, have been lifted out of poverty. This is also the latest achievement of the railway ministry's anti-poverty campaign.

According to the reporter, as a public welfare platform, 12306 poverty alleviation mall not only exempts enterprises in poverty-stricken areas from platform fees, but also supports the development of poverty-stricken areas. E-commerce + leading enterprises (cooperatives) + farmers ” Wait to adopt direct selling model. Visitors can go to the 12306 home page or the travel service page through the “ Poverty alleviation mall ” The special zone enters 12306 poverty alleviation mall to purchase special commodities from poor areas.

At present, the mall has entered into the state railway group designated poverty alleviation enterprises including henan luanchuan county, shaanxi mian county, ningxia guyuan city yuanzhou district and xinjiang hetian county, and launched trial operation of seven categories of agricultural and sideline products, handicrafts and more than 100 kinds of goods.

According to the relevant person in charge of the state railway, the railway department is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of 12306 poverty alleviation mall, which exempts enterprises in poor areas from platform fees. Merchants and products in the mall are recommended and reviewed by the local government and the railway department, and the relevant qualifications and product quality are strictly checked.

In addition, 12306 has opened a “ Poverty alleviation promotion ” Plate, dynamic publicity of the poor areas of the landscape and cultural features of the products. In the future, according to the operation and development of the platform, it will continue to optimize and improve its functions, gradually increase the number of enterprises and commodities, cover more poor areas and benefit more poor people.

Lu said that in the future, China will consolidate the achievements of targeted poverty alleviation by railways, continue to implement the responsibility and policies for supporting targeted poverty alleviation in counties and districts, and actively explore new ways to alleviate poverty through industries, consumption, employment and party building, so as to help targeted poverty alleviation areas enhance their capacity for sustainable development.

It is worth noting that the implementation of the railway construction poverty alleviation action plan (2018-2020) is also one of the priorities of the state railway group in helping to eradicate poverty in 2020. Lu dongfu told reporters that railway construction will be further implemented to alleviate poverty, with the focus on railway planning and construction in 14 contiguous poverty-stricken areas, and construction of 16 railway projects involving 100 transport routes to alleviate poverty, so as to ensure that a number of projects are put into operation and all projects are started.

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