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Vanguard Engine A Perfect Match for Rental

June 02, 2022

Vanguard Engine A Perfect Match for Rental


Oil and Fuel Dilution Prevented

Petrol engines now available on several Ammann Forward Moving Vibratory Plate Compactors eliminate oil and fuel dilution – one of the biggest headaches associated with light equipment.

Vanguard 160 engines feature a 3-in-1 control that, when put in the “stop” position, simultaneously shuts off both the engine ignition and fuel supply. This prevents the mixing of fuel and oil during transport – a top rental equipment issue, and a time-killer for small business owners, too.

Unnecessary oil changes – and the waste that go with them – are eliminated, lowering ownership costs and reducing the environmental impact. In addition, equipment is ready to work when needed.


The 3.7-kW (5-hp), 169cc single-cylinder Vanguard engine – available on Ammann APF 15/40, 15/50 and 20/50 plate Compactors – offers additional cost advantages.

  • Air filters last up to 600 hours (compared with the previous 100-150 hours) thanks to a standard cyclone pre-filter.
  • Oil waste is reduced 50% by extending maintenance intervals from 100 hours (the industry standard) to 200 hours.
  • Improved uptime means fewer spare parts are needed – minimising the cost of packaging and shipping.


The Vanguard 160 engine, manufactured by Briggs & Stratton, was introduced to extend the petrol portfolio. Honda engines remain available.


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